Séminaire de Karine Weber “Investigating Service Failure/Recovery (SF/R) in an Event Context”, 31 janvier 2022

L’ESTHUA Faculté de Tourisme, Culture et Hospitalité propose, avec le soutien de l’Axe 5 “Tourisme, territoire, solidarités” de la SFR Confluences, un cycle de séminaires de recherche en tourisme.

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Le 31 janvier – Attention : horaire exceptionnel, de 9h30 à 10h50 (séminaire en anglais)
En visioconférence via Zoom

Karin Weber, Associate Professor at School of Hotel & Tourism Management (SHTM), Hong Kong Polytechnic University

« Investigating Service Failure/Recovery (SF/R) in an Event Context »

The delivery of services involves unique characteristics that can lead to suboptimal service quality, or service failures, in the eyes of consumers. Service failures are to some extent inevitable and often poorly handled by service delivery staff, resulting in significant losses for organizations. It is therefore critical that service firms better understand how to effectively recover from these situations. The focus of the vast majority of service failure/recovery research has been on a single service provider context, whereby the failure was caused by a
particular service provider and the subsequent recovery was implemented by that same provider.

More recently, the focus of service failure research has shifted to assessing multiple service provider settings (e.g., Allen et. al. 2015; Lee & Cranage, 2017; Weber, Hsu & Sparks, 2010; 2011). The project discussed in this research presentation aimed to further assess consumer responses to a service failure event caused by one service provider and its impact on responses towards closely affiliated entities. It extended SF/R research in multiple ways, namely by examining
1) a service failure sequence through the recently advanced customer journey lens;
2) the effect of an external service recovery, that is, a recovery implemented by a firm other than the one that caused the original service failure; and
3) the effect of a joint service provider recovery, in contrast to the focus on the currently prevalent focus on a single firm service recovery.
In contrast to prior research that adopted primarily restaurant and/or hotel settings, and to a lesser extent, airline contexts (Vaerenbergh et al. 2018), this research was situated in an event setting, that is, an environment of more loosely connected entities that come together in the creation of a customer experience.


Dr. Karin Weber is an Associate Professor in the School of Hotel & Tourism Management at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. A native of Germany, Karin received her Bachelor of Business (Hons) degree from Monash University, Australia, her M.Sc. degree in Hotel Administration from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in the United States, and her Ph.D. in services marketing from Griffith University, Australia. She has published on a wide range of subjects in leading international tourism and hospitality journals, and presented her research at international and national conferences. Karin is the lead editor and chapter author of a book on convention tourism that has been published by Haworth Press New York in 2002, and chaired the first Convention and Expo Summit in Asia in 2003. She serves/d in various editorial roles for numerous leading events and tourism/hospitality journals, and received a variety of awards for her research studies, including an Emerald Literati Award for Excellence, ‘best paper of the year’ awards from two leading T&H journals, and SHTM’s research excellence award. She was a member of the international Advisory Panel for the Joint Meeting Industry Council’s ‘Value of Meetings’ Case Study Project, consulted and served on boards/committees for various major business events industry associations/organizations in the United States, Asia and the Middle East.

Programme complet du cycle de séminaires :

Séance 1 : 31/01/2022 – Investigating service failure/recovery in events contexts: research projects and experiments
Karin Weber, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Séance 2 : 28/02/2022 – La place de l’offre de logement Airbnb dans l’offre globale de logement
touristique en France en 2021

Yoann Fadel, ESTHUA, Université d’Angers

Séance 3 : 14/03/2022 – La gouvernance des sentiers pédestres du littoral. Une réflexion sur l’action publique territoriale française pour un développement du tourisme et des loisirs
Jérôme Piriou, Excelia Business School

Séance 4 : 25/04/2022 – Golf et château, le mariage d’une offre innovante du tourisme sportif
Sébastien Castel, ESTHUA, Université d’Angers et Johan Vincent, ESTHUA, Université d’Angers

Séance 5 : 23/05/2022 – Vivre et mal-vivre au pays des vacances : développement touristique et
santé mentale dans le Quintana Roo au Mexique

Clément Marie-dit-Chirot, ESTHUA, Univeristé d’Angers et Sébastien Fleuret, ESTHUA, Université d’Angers

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